09/08/2020 10:00

Baltic Sea Region Mobility Summit 2020


The Baltic Sea Region Mobility Summit 2020 is a three day mobility conference taking place on 8-10th September online!

During these three days highlights from the projects cities.multimodal, SUMBA and BSR electric will be presented along with virtual tours of project results, intriguing discussions about what the future holds for sustainable urban mobility in our region and much more. The aim? To answer questions like:

  •     How can we upscale and replicate proven sustainable mobility solutions?
  •     What does e-mobility have to do with hospitals and cemeteries?
  •     Will the pandemic speed up or slow down the shift to sustainable urban mobility?
  •     Should be citizens given the same rights as experts in the mobility planning?
  •     How is a bicycle similar to a book?
  •     How can citizens take a rest in the middle of the streets?
  •     Spoilt for choice when you move around your city?

More information available via the Baltic Sea Region Mobility Summit 2020 webpage http://www.mobilitysummit2020.eu