09/21/2020 10:00

INNOVATE project's final capacity-building event


Innovate experts from local authorities and the private sector will share their hands-on experience in setting up and running their one-stop-shop in 11 different places in Europe. You will get practical insights and useful recommendations to your very own challenges during what is the final event of the EU-funded INNOVATE project.

The session will be three-fold:

  1. Problem-solving around participants' challenges : Q&A session around challenges brought up by participants. Ask your questions, talk about your own issues and exchange your project ideas with Innovate partner cities and organisations. (14:00 - 15:30)
  2. National networking session: Pick your country and exchange with your peers and Innovate expert(s) in your local language: breakout sessions based on the different national contexts. Each session will be hosted by an expert from the country. The countries covered : France, Belgium, UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Cyprus, Italia, Spain and Czech Republic. (15:30 - 16:00)
  3. Expert talk on EU-funding opportunities for one-stop-shops with the European Investment Bank: Jean-Francois Leprince and Anne Nouviaire from the EIB will give us some insights on EU funding opportunities. We will further give you some insights to the upcoming or released EU Renovation Wave communication.

Prior to the webinar and in order to run a successful session, we invite all participants to have a look at our guidebook (Innovate guidebook - how to set-up a OSS). There you will find key learnings from the Innovate project and recommendations that will help you to kick start your project. After reading the report, you may have pending questions you would like to discuss with our experts. This online session is here to help you find answers to your question(s)!

You will find the ZOOM link in the order confirmation. Registration now open via Everbite

For more information on the INNOVATE project, check out www.financingbuildingrenovation.eu