24-08-2015 - Online housings database for citizens is updated


Online housings database for citizens is updated now by almost two thousand three hundred houses and the total number of buildings in the database now exceeds 5100 pcs. Database contains both annual heat energy consumption (MWh) data for the every of previous three – 2012, 2013, 2014 - calendar years and the values of annual effective specific heat consumption per unit of useful floor area (apartments + used for non-residential area) – kWh/m² - for every of building in the database.

The aim is to encourage residential building renovation and investment in the city, as all owners and tenants can find out how much their building consume heat energy in comparison with renovated multi-apartment building.

On July 4th, 2013 Riga Energy Agency launched on its website a new Energy Efficiency subsection "Database of homes" for Riga citizens, house managers and other stakeholders. The new section is freely available database of Riga multi-apartment buildings which are connected to the city's district heating (DH) system. In cooperation with the heat supply utility JSC ”Rīgas siltums” and the largest housing service company ”Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks” Ltd. the database was prepared as the list of the buildings in alphabetical order. Initially, buildings data base comprises approximately 2800 multi-apartment buildings, which are managed by the municipal housing service company "Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks" Ltd.

The average annual specific heat consumption (kWh/m²) of completely renovated Riga multi-apartment buildings in the same year is determined for comparison. Comparison of renovated building data (benchmark) with not renovated current each building data is proposed to introduce monthly on housing maintenance bills for every apartment. Such data analysis is recommended for housing managers.

The actual specific heat consumption data are not intended for direct comparison with analogous data in other cities or years. To make comparisons, it must be recalculated using the climate correction factor.

"Database of homes" was created in the framework of the project GreenITNet (Eco-friendly information and communication technology network) and also was in included in the “E-catalogue” which includes 16 smart technical solutions which are introduced and implemented in Riga as recommended pilot projects for the multiplication in Riga and other cities.

Riga Energy Agency is independent non-profit entity which was established by the Riga municipality for the ensuring of its functions:
•    management and coordination of energy supply and energy efficiency (EE) in Riga municipality;
•    ensuring awareness among the local population on EE issues.